My experience as a pharmacist, business owner, County Commissioner, Husband of 27 years, and father of four make me the perfect fit to continue serving my community as your 59TH District Delegate.  
With economic growth comes growing pains.  The 59th district needs a delegate that can tackle the Route 9 issue head on.  We need someone that has proven himself to fight for his constituents needs instead of consistency being against Eastern Panhandle Road Projects.
One only has to drive around the Eastern Panhandle to see that our infrastructure has not kept up with growing demands for adequate roads, proper intersections and turning lanes. 
We still have areas that do not have high-speed broadband connectivity.  As a Morgan County Commissioner, I have fought to increase broadband service in Morgan County and will broaden that effort into Berkeley County as well.
Jobs Skills and Tax Reform
The Eastern Panhandles future is based on our ability to get our population trained to work the jobs that have been created over the last 10 years.   In addition, we need to consistently work hard to attract and keep new revenue streams and new JOBS so that our young people can have a prosperous life right here in the state they love.  As an employer myself, I know first hand how quality training leads to long term employment.  As a County Commissioner, I worked hard to get Blue Ridge Technical College a home in Morgan County.
Tax reform and decreasing excessive regulations are an integral part of economic reform.  Decreasing the tax burden and over-regulation on business owners and residents of West Virginia should be a top priority for our legislature.


The only way to curb healthcare costs is to wade through the murky waters of the healthcare industry. The smoke and mirrors of healthcare billing by the insurance industry and pharmacy benefit managers needs to be brought out into the open and be transparent.  Tax payers deserve to know what they are receiving for their money.


My education and experience as a pharmacist has allowed me to see our healthcare situation from every angle.  I have had family members that faced devastating illness and have not been able to afford treatment.  I know families that are one broken ankle away from not being able to pay their mortgage or heating bill.  I also personally know senior citizens that go without life-saving medication so they can afford to eat.  Something has to change!

I truly believe that if you don't have good health then you have nothing.